Dirty Hands – Edinburgh Fringe Festival '12

Sweet Venues Grassmarket, Apex International Hotel, 19-24, 26 August. Tickets £8 (£6 concession). Show starts at 3:40 pm.

Cast Interview – Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown is playing ‘Hannah’, the wife of young assassin Hugo Barine. Not much is known about ‘Hannah’s’ past except for that she seems to have a close relationship with her father and that she and Hugo married quite young. She is playful, energetic, and a bit naive about the political activities in which her husband is engaged. But as is revealed during the course of the play, her naivete with regard to politics is more than made up for by her keen insight into her husband’s behavior.

So, tell us a bit about your acting experience?

Well, I have spent the last 3 years of my life studying Acting and Performance at Dundee College, gaining my HND in the performing arts. But I first discovered my love for acting when I got recommended to perform in ‘The Killing Times’ directed by Lady Judy Steele as the age of 8, there has been no stopping me since. I was in Youth Theatre throughout High School but then decided to study it full time where I have been involved in many amazing productions, one which took us down to Manchester to devise a sight specific play for an art centre’s 100th birthday which ended up winning an award.

Do you have favorite part that you’ve played? How about a dream role that you have not yet performed?

During my training at Dundee College, I played a girl called Jo in ‘The Good Hope’ and I fell in love with her. She was so strong, independent and feisty but then you got to see her whole world disintegrate as she loses the love of her life to the sea. It flipped her life upside down as she tried to battle on with life without him. That was really interesting to play and I got really into the character. My dream role is to play the bad guy. I want to be the one that the audience hates to love.

Are you more of a theatre person or film? Why?

Performance-wise, I like both and am willing to do both. I’ve experienced both and both have their pro’s and con’s. As for watching, again, I couldn’t chose. There is nothing better than seeing live theatre and feeling that you are there with the characters but I also do enjoy a good movie with a tub of ice cream.

What do you think about your character, (aptly named) ‘Hannah’?

Right now, I’m still getting to know her. But further the process goes the more I am starting to admire her. On first impressions she is very cute, playful, naive and a bit ditsy. But when you actually think about it, she is a very tactical human being. She calculates everything, being able to manipulate other characters, and she’s probably one of the more intelligent characters, which I love.

What are you most looking forward to at this year’s Fringe?

Apart from getting steaming every day? I am most excited about performing, so I can say I have done the fringe. But I am also very excited to go see a wide variety of different shows.

Are there any shows that you plan on seeing?

I haven’t planned that far ahead. But I definitely want to go see some comedians.

The cast for this show are quite varied in experience and technique. What do you think will be (or has been) the biggest challenges during the rehearsal process?

Not being able to have the full cast all the time. I do like to focus of particular bits but in this play there are a lot of characters that just pop in and out of scenes so the process has been a bit bitty. But we are still rocking it!

And last, and most importantly, don’t you agree that Paul and Austin should have gaybies? Haha

Hells yeah! What a fantastic idea. I will only allow it though if their first baby girl is called Hannah and… shotgun godmother!

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