Dirty Hands – Edinburgh Fringe Festival '12

Sweet Venues Grassmarket, Apex International Hotel, 19-24, 26 August. Tickets £8 (£6 concession). Show starts at 3:40 pm.

Cast Interview – Mariel McAllan

Here is another cast interview. Mariel is playing ‘Mariel’ (Olga in the original), a top member in the IRA faction that sends Hugo on his mission. She and Hugo have a sordid history: a somewhat romantic involvement but also a mentor-apprentice dynamic as well.

Hello, Mariel. If you don’t mind, tell us a bit about yourself.

Well I started training when I was 5 and the first role I remember playing was the first piggy in Roald Dahl’s “The three little pigs.” I then went to the Scottish Youth Theatre (SYT) which I loved until I became a typical awkward teen and then gave gave up acting for a while. I rediscovered acting about two years ago when I was at University studying for a science degree of all things and since then been training at night school. The last time I performed was at the Citizens Theatre, where I got to play Regine from Henrik Ibsen’s “Ghosts” which was amazing. Additionally I am also in a web TV show called Max and Jack which I am really excited about. I also do a bit of modelling but acting is my first love.

How are you enjoying the rehearsal process for Dirty Hands thus far?

I really enjoy the rehearsal process. It is a lot of fun but also hard work. The rest of the cast are lovely so that is always a bonus.

A little over a week til showtime. How ya feeling about it? Have the nerves and excitement hit yet?

Well mostly excitement at the moment. I am starting to see the play take shape and I really enjoy the show, so being a part of it and getting to perform it in front of people is an incredible feeling. Although, I am not going to lie I am starting to get nervous.

Are you looking forward to anything in particular at the Fringe?

Besides performing, I am looking forward to seeing some good shows, hanging out with the rest of the cast and enjoying my first time at the fringe.

So, your character, Mariel (Olga), is an interesting part. What do you think about playing her?

I love playing her! She is like a bond girl. She is strong, tough and intelligent but she’s also a real person that has a vulnerable side. I especially like how she controls the men around her which is always fun to play.

You get to start off the show and close the show! Must be kinda of fun to be in that spot?

Yeah I suppose it is, but it is a lot of pressure so I try not to think about that.

What are your plans after this show is over?

Well I still have a few acting and modelling projects on the go. I recently did a master class with Mel Churcher which I really enjoyed so I’m looking to do more training for film. There is also a possibility of me finally getting to go to Australia for work so my fingers are crossed for that.


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