Dirty Hands – Edinburgh Fringe Festival '12

Sweet Venues Grassmarket, Apex International Hotel, 19-24, 26 August. Tickets £8 (£6 concession). Show starts at 3:40 pm.

Support Dirty Hands Fringe ’12

Not to sound sappy:

But theatre is expensive! And putting shows together (particularly those that are a bit against-the-grain) can be quite difficult. This project however is one that is quite reasonable, all things considered. Our total costs for the run during the Fringe are around £1000. We have some fund raising events coming up (including a pub quiz on July 26th – please come along if you’re in the Dundee area that day!!!), but we are still looking for ways to fund this show. That said, we have erected a site through pleasefund.us that is dedicated to raising financial backing for this production. In response to support given, we will be giving back various gifts. We can’t give much, but what we can give we will do with great gratitude.

This is a project that we believe in for multiple reasons. We believe in the power of live theatre. We believe in the power of art to affect persons, communities, and to break open transformative events. We believe in the work of Sartre. We believe in the good of artistic community. We believe in each other. Of course, we also have personal motivations as actors, directors, and producers seeking to build careers in the arts. But these desires do not clash with the above.

As such, if you are able in any way to contribute to becoming a part of this production as a financial backer, we will be eminently grateful. Any amount will be received with joy and gratitude.

Here is the site where you can give or leave message, if you so desire.

Thank you for considering to support Dirty Hands Fringe ’12!


Austin Hayden

Paul Murphie

Hannah Brown

Mariel McAllan

Tom Moriarty

Tommy Sloan

Steve Bangs


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